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Our area has been lucky to experience some much-
needed rainfall recently, but Louisiana's hottest,
driest weather is often in August.

LSU AgCenter offers these irrigation tips:

  • Irrigate early. Morning water pressure is
    usually higher and foliage will have time to dry
    before evening, reducing the chance of disease
  • Apply 1 to 2 inches of water per week to
    established lawns in the absence of rain. It’s
    best to deliver the water once or twice per week
    with at least 1 inch each time. Frequent,
    shallow watering results in shallow roots.
  • Determine how much water is being delivered
    by placing several shallow water collectors,
    such as tuna cans, around the landscape to
    check both coverage and inches-per-hour

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Tips for effective irrigation
  • Consider soil type. Soils with high clay content need several short, back-to-back
    cycles for water to penetrate, but hold water longer. Sandy soils need more
    frequent and shorter-cycle applications because moisture isn’t retained long.
  • Locate plants with similar water needs together to prevent over- or underwatering.
  • Irrigate newly planted trees every 7 to 10 days in the absence of rain by letting a
    hose trickle for about a half hour near the trunk. Newly planted shrubs can be
    watered with soaker hoses or sprinklers.
  • Check container plants frequently for dry soil. Watering every day, or even twice a
    day, may be necessary. Factors include temperature, pot size and material, type of
    potting mix, drought tolerance of a plant and whether a plant is in sun or shade.