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On November 14th, 2018

November garden tips

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  • Create Thanksgiving porch displays with potted mums, crotons and pumpkins.
  • Plant these vegetables in November says LSU AgCenter: shallots, Swiss chard, kale, carrots, mustard, turnips, spinach and radishes. Plant beets and garlic early in the month.
  • Plant trees and shrubs so they can get a good root system started before next summer’s heat.
  • Get your soil tested in the fall, says LSU AgCenter. Akin’s has the kits available to be completed and mailed to the AgCenter.
  • Continue planting cool-season color, such as pansies, violas, dianthus, alyssum, cyclamen, stock, candytuft, ornamental cabbage and kale and snapdragons. Refresh your beds first with Vital Earth compost and Fertilome Bedding Plant Food.
  • Sow seeds of larkspur, sweet pea, poppy and bluebonnet for spring bloom.
  • Purchase spring bulbs and begin planting daffodils. Tulips and hyacinth bulbs must be refrigerated for six to eight weeks before being planted in November/December, but be careful about their fridge partners. Some varieties of fruit emit a gas that will kill a bulb's flower bud.
  • Dig and divide crowded perennials, such as daylilies, phlox, coreopsis, daisies and irises early in the month.
  • Build a compost bin or set aside an area for a compost pile. You’ll have plenty of fall leaves soon to fill it.
  • Watch for chinch bug damage in lawns. Symptoms are irregular patches of dead grass surrounded by yellowing grass. Treat with Hi-Yield Bug Blaster or Cyonara Lawn and Garden Spray.
  • Water trees and shrubs with berries if the weather is dry. Lack of moisture can cause the berries to drop.
  • Cut back perennials that have finished blooming for a tidy appearance.
  • Spray trees affected by scale insects with Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Spray.
  • Irrigate lawns, landscape and garden beds, including newly planted trees and shrubs, in the absence of rain.
  • Watch the lawn for signs of brown patch, which often shows up during cool, wet weather. If it occurs, treat with Fertilome F-Stop.

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